Dave Cole, Lead Director & Investor


DAVE COLE, in 68 years, has experienced failure and success. He has influenced for profit organizations to achieve significant accomplishments.

Coinstar/Redbox/AKA Outerwall grew from about $100M to over $900m in revenues and similar profitability growth during his 7.5 years as CEO. People count grew from 450 to 1500. Diversification from an inherently unstable and unsustainable one product business to five product lines was achieved. However, one industry roll up lost $300M during that same time. His top leadership roles with two other for profit organizations also saw similar moments of successes and humility.

Dave has great passion for influencing young leaders to be all God designed them to be. He currently caddies as he explains it or mentors as the world explains it for many leaders in both for and not for profit endeavors.

Since retiring from for profit world, he has engaged in his other passion helping others especially the poor and forgotten receive the love that Jesus commanded us to show the world. He serves as Board Chair and strong advocate for Jubilee Reach a nonprofit organization that provides a hand up to the incredibly diverse community of Bellevue where more than 95 languages are spoken in the schools. Jubilee Reach is a Christian organization that is an integrated and full partner with the Bellevue school district helping children build community, confidence, and hope through sports and other activities. You will hear more about this later as he relates the seasons of his life.

Dave lives in Bellevue with his beloved wife of 44 years, Nancy. In this season of their lives they find great joy in giving back their time, treasure, and talent at Belpres and Jubilee Reach and through their Holy Spirit Fund.