Eugene Wallace, Director and Investor


EUGENE J. WALLACEhas over 35 years of experience working with leaders in pursuit of excellence. As a Trusted Adviser to Business Owners, he has integrated his experience as a husband, father, successful business owner, and his understanding of business and organizational theory, to forge a highly effective practice advising business leaders in the success and succession of their businesses.

He works with business owners/leaders as they: discover ‘why’ they are in and ‘what’ they want from their businesses; determine, with candid clarity, what the current state of their business is; develop an intentional and wise plan in the pursuit of success and succession; and encourage/assist them as they do the work.

Eugene has earned three Master’s Degrees focusing on Counseling, Human Development, and Philosophical and Theological Studies. His undergraduate work focused on Psychology, Theology and Business. He serves on the Boards of the YMCA Columbia-Willamette, the International Succession Planning Association, Rockwood CDC and other Foundation Boards.