Training for the Mind Testimonials

Jan 13th Male Trauma 101 Course—Portland, OR

“Real life examples coupled with the content – illustrations.”

“Facilitators did a good job working together and presenting information while still being individualized and having their own style.”

“Culturally relevant material and even culturally specific presenters.”

“I like the neurobiological info. Many of the male clients I work with want scientific information / evidence for intervention.”

“I am looking forward to Male Trauma 102 and 103.”

May 8th Male Trauma 101 course—Vancouver, WA

“Although the focus of the training was on men, it was not solely on men. It focused on trauma as a whole, communally and culturally.”

“Broadening my conceptualization of trauma.”

“I liked how engaging the presenters were. They were both very knowledgeable and well-versed in the material.”

“Overview on the male experience—from my view (as a woman) and what the guys said—similarities and differences.”

“Crisis planning vs. safety planning.”

Feb 13th Male Trauma 102 Course—Portland, OR

“Concise delivery of diverse information.”

“Lots of great examples to truly conceptualize what is going on for men who have experienced trauma.”

“Good lecture and conversation on trauma mindfulness.”

“Covered broad range of topics that fall under trauma or PTSD.”

“(Useful) exercises to display psychoeducation to clients.”

Jan 22nd Male Trauma 103 Course—Portland, OR

“Everything is explained in detail. A lot of good info.”

“The most helpful part of this workshop was hearing from
trauma survivors.”

“(Discussing) moral injury and dealing with counter-trauma.”

“Great exercises; vulnerability of presenters was helpful.”

“This was the best training of the three for me.”