Lynn Sheehan

Lynn Sheehan Headshot

Lynn Sheehan is a consultant focused on helping companies achieve success through strategic thinking, processes, and execution. I am passionate about the adventure of solving complex problems, fixing gaps, being a change maker, and seeing the success when it all comes together.

Having more than 30 years of experience working in the technology sector I have grown an appreciation of the complexity of achieving success in everything from startups to multinational corporations. I started my career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where I was humbled by the passion to take on the impossible and make it reality. When I moved into industry I put my knowledge to work in Silicon Valley for the Semiconductor Capital Equipment industry. This facilitated a transition to Hewlett Packard where I found a passion to connect technology research and consumer product development and sales success.

Learning from business strategy experts such as Clayton Christensen, Jim Collins, Geoffrey Moore and Robert Cooper I implemented global business management systems within the Imaging and Printing Group. In the latest decade, I have been focused on implementing growth strategies that bridge research and development through to product launch for high technology product leaders.