Philip Gallo, Director and Equity Owner


PHILIP GALLOis a digital product and service entrepreneur with experience serving government agencies, international commercial interests, top-ranked institutions in higher education, and a variety of other industries. He began his career in the federal government space building collaboration and knowledge-sharing platforms for the Department of Defense, State Department, USAID, and other agencies. His experience in that arena led him to launch a company that specialized in bringing UX best practices to government software, where multimillion dollar systems suffered a conspicuous lack of attention to user-centered design principles.

His company built software tools with open source technology and API/data extraction layers that passed information to classified systems. Phil and his company were then acquired by Domain7  where he took on responsibility for product and service development and growing the company’s US profile.

After his time at Domain7 Phil joined Microsoft to work on converging the Windows purchase flow codebase to the Xbox. Phil’s leadership resulted in a convergence with no downtime, decreased system errors and new UX patterns to drive increased conversions. Phil now runs Anatra where he helps companies grow their businesses using software. He’s also a Tech Advisor for the awesome team. Phil and his wife Jessica live in Seattle with their 4 children.